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DVD = $USD 11 (was $26)
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Please note: there is a brief audio glitch on the North American home entertainment DVD at timecode 52:17. While it is minor and only lasts a second, we feel obliged to flag it for our viewers, and as such are offering the DVD at a discounted price. (Note that this glitch only occurs on the First Run Features DVD. It does not occur on our community screening and educational DVD, available from Bullfrog Films here and here, nor on the PAL DVD for orders outside North America, nor on the online streaming versions at Vimeo and iTunes.)

watch online:

   VIMEO Streaming/Download   Worldwide

   VIMEO Streaming/Download Worldwide

          ITUNES Download Worldwide

          ITUNES Download Worldwide

GAIA Streaming Worldwide

GAIA Streaming Worldwide


Filmmaker Post-Screening In-Person or Skype Q&A: This is a terrific way to attract press attention and an audience, as well as create an engaging post-screening discussion. For more info, please contact us

11" x 17" original movie poster
Original design by Jacob Escobedo.


Movie Soundtrack: 
The film's soundtrack is now available through CDBaby here, as well as iTunes and Spotify.
This digital album features all of T. Griffin's original score, along with much of the music from Clark that permeates the film.
The music plays beautifully as an album, taking the listener on a meditative journey through a variety of emotions and soundscapes.


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bulk POstcards and posters for screenings

Buy bulk amount of postcards or posters to publicize a screening! You can currently buy bundles of 10 posters above, but if you want to buy postcards or more posters, we can facilitate. Sometimes it is easiest to have postcards printed near you, or to have us send you some, and we'll also happily provide the digital images for you to print yourself. Please contact us