“It was the most incredible, moving, touching PBS program I have ever seen!!!” – Marla Ar, USA

“Too important to miss!” – Judy James Kingsolver, USA

“That documentary just took my breath away. I was humbled, I was crying, I was smiling, I felt special that someone would share that most tender part of themselves with me. Much love.” – Jeannine McAfee, USA

"This is such an important and brave film. It has touched all those who have watched it here. Although things are slightly different in the UK it still shows the beauty of what can be done. I admire all involved. Thank you so very much for making this film." – Holly's Funerals, UK

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"The film really made me reflect and rethink about cremation and scattering ashes. Very thought provoking and emotive. Makes you realise how important speaking to the right person can be in making your dream a reality. I want to find this type of facility in Australia." – Marilyn Crossley

“Such an inspirational movie. When it is my time to go home this is how I want it to be. Meghan I know I am not with you but I wanted you to see this. This is what you watch when you get rid of cable TV.” – Susan Lowery, USA

“Our Funeral Consumers Alliance just sponsored a showing last Saturday at a local church and everyone enjoyed it with lots of great discussion afterwards.” – Cindy Garner, Funeral Consumers Alliance, USA

“Thank you. I just watched your film on PBS Milwaukee. I have been researching green burial for myself and Clark's journey moved me very much. Thank you.” – Andrea Burns, WI, USA

“I saw this almost three years ago. It was very moving and touched many cords. I'm looking forward to seeing this all over again tonight.” – Jenny Manandhar Flynn, USA

"I caught most of Clark Wang film....I loved it and had never heard of a green funeral...I have always felt we should go back to our mother earth...this is what I want..." – Robert Beck - Meadville, Pennsylvania

“Congratulations on an honest and moving exploration of the subject.  I hope that Australia will be able to set up a few more bushland cemeteries - it's my wish to be buried in a shroud under (or next to) a beautiful eucalypt. (Not for a while yet of course!).” – Elaine Searle, funeral celebrant Australia

"Worth watching; presenting positive alternatives much more in tune with our cultural history. Another level of caring for our fragile planet." – Sheryl Niblack Thomassen, USA

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“The group really enjoyed the film and being able to talk with Joe, Tony, and Brian.  There was a lot of great feedback and conversation. Not only about green burial, but also about the making of the film. We are looking forward to hosting another in the future. Thank you for such a moving film to share with our community!” – Margaret Puglisi, screening host from the Congressional Cemetery, DC, USA

“I live in So. Illinois and have always felt attached to our Shawnee National Forest. There is so much new development and private land with many natural areas around us. This documentary affected me so much as I am presently terminal due to a long term fight with a rare disease caught in the late stage. My dear friends/family has also watched and it has opened up the conversation of natural burial which is what I've always wanted but didn't know much about it. Clark has given me the strength to move forward with a place where many in our community would feel more comfortable with in burial. Hopefully we can keep moving forward with the resources given by #awillforthewoods.” – Molly McIntyre, IL, USA

"I have seen this a couple of times and find it to be a deeply moving film. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. By the time it was found, it had gone into my blood and there was nothing that could be done. I am not getting any type of "western medical treatment." I am going old school with this in terms of how I am taking care of myself, and three years later, I am still here. I do not have a lot of time left. I would love a green burial in California, but the cost would be prohibitive for my friend Julie and I do not have the money to pay for it. Therefore, I am having the shell cremated and there will be a disposition at sea in Ventura. It was the most cost effective way to have my wishes respected and I am making it as green an experience as possible. Thank you for this wonderful film." – Karen Carpenter - Phoenix, Arizona

"Wonderful film, definitely thought provoking. This is what I will want." – Marina Milosevic, California, USA

“My father has cancer. My mother and I watched the documentary together. We have opted for a green burial for my father, who is 86. Clark Wang was such a fabulous human being. So intelligent, musical, and gentle. Thank you so much!” – Joan Tarpley Odom

"I think that it is a really wonderful idea and gives people hope to have the option of a better funeral." – Cinque Garrison - Sacramento, California

"I've thought about how I want to be buried and I want to go into the earth as God has given his children has put back into the earth that he has created." – Richard Yancy - Council Bluffs, Iowa

“What an incredible piece of good fortune I feel came my way by being at this movie on Easter Sunday.  It has made what has been a devastating experience for Taryn (her friend) so much easier and so much more sincerely personal.” – Jacqueline Lesage, ACMI screening Melbourne, Australia

"Watched through tears. Broke my heart, gave me courage, changed my view of my end of life decisions. What an incredible young man, rich with grace and humor. Surrounded by wonderful people during his journey. Going home to be with Mother Nature." – Rose Stephan - Cape Canaveral, Florida

“This is the way it should be!  This to me is honoring our true connection with the Divine.” – Ambra Allgood, USA

"Life changing-- what I have always wanted to experience and participate in but didn't know who or how.
Your gift keeps on giving, Clark."  Sharon Howarth, Alabama, USA