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China Focus: Green Burials Not Easy - Shanghai Daily 3/31/12

North China City to Hold Mass Sea Burial - China Daily 3/30/12

How to be Environmentally Green Even in Death - U.S. News & World Report 3/9/12

Burials Going Green - WCSH-TV 2/29/12

Going Green for Funerals (feat. Mark Harris) - EBRU News - TV 2/22/12

Holladay Ordinance Prohibiting Backyard Burials Unique, Points to New Burial Trends - Deseret News 2/19/12

Past is Dead and Buried - Daily News, South Africa 2/16/12

Who's Dying to be Green? - The Durango Herald 2/10/12

The Death and Dying Series Part Three: Transforming the Culture of Death in America - The Huffington Post 2/9/12

My Big Fat Green Funeral - Biscayne Times 2/5/12

Green Burials: Ticks but No Takers - Taranaki Daily News, New Zealand 1/5/12

Texas Prisoner Burials Are a Gentle Touch in a Punitive System - The New York Times 1/4/12



Standing Orders (scroll down) - The Australian 10/6/10

Clark Wang Radio Interview (scroll to the bottom to listen) - American Public Media The Story 9/29/10

Options for Green Burials on the Rise (feat. Clark Wang and Ed Bixby) - Newsweek 8/26/10

Frank Talk About Care at Life’s End - The New York Times 8/23/10

Looking for a Greener Kind of Death - Salon 8/20/10

City Cemeteries Face Gridlock - The New York Times 8/13/10

When You Go, Go Green - The News and Observer 8/2/10

Green Burial versus Traditional Burial - In the Light Urns Blog 8/10

Green Burials with Joe Sehee - Funeral Director's Chat 7/29/10 

Into the Great Green Beyond - The New York Times 6/30/10

10 Things Funeral Directors Won't Tell You - Smart Money 6/28/10

Funeral Director Undertakes Free Burials for Good Karma - The Age 6/4/10

Life Yet in Creative Send-Offs for Dead and Not-so-Dead - The Age 5/16/10

The Pyre: Will Open Air 'Natural' Cremations be Allowed in the UK? - The Daily Undertaker 3/10

Greenwashing - Going Green - by Joe Sehee in American Cemetery Magazine 3/10 

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Die-hard Greenies Make a Final Stand - The Age  12/6/09

Biodegradable Urn Collection Launched by Memorial Products Provider - In the Light Urns website 9/3/09

Eco-burial: The future of death - Canadian Business 11/23/09

Green Burial at a Crossroads - by Joe Sehee in American Funeral Director Magazine 9/09

A Darker Shade of Green - American Funeral Director Magazine 9/09

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Warmed by Crematorium - BLDG BLOG 12/22/08

Demand Up for Earth Friendly Options - The Ann Arbor News 9/21/08

Eco-Afterlife: Green Burial Options - Scientific American 9/5/08

Cemeteries Dig for Solution to Looming Burial Crisis - The Age 6/10/08

Dying to Be Green - G Magazine 5/14/08

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Burials and Cemeteries Go Green - NPR All Things Considered 12/16/07

Saying a Green Goodbye (feat. Prof Roger Short) - Brisbane Times 7/23/07

Indian Funeral Pyres go Green - The Australian Herald Sun 6/12/07 (will add PDF)

Environmentally Friendly Death (feat. Prof Roger Short) - COSMOS Australia 4/19/07

Funerals Barking Up Wrong Tree (feat. Prof Roger Short) - The Age 4/19/07

Films around the subject of funerals:

The Undertaking - Frontline 10/30/07 

A Family Undertaking (Feature Length Documentary) - PBS POV 8/3/04

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